Hi, I’m Steve Prater

and I’m just your everyday average home automation hobbyist. I’ve been into  technology since I was a little guy and I am currently an IT director at a small community college Hello - It's mein rural Oklahoma. While working and playing I’ve had a great deal of fun getting to play with a very wide variety of technology. I learned a great deal about opensource operating systems, programming languages, technology integration and just some general down-to-earth usability guidelines to live by. As a hobby I’ve enjoyed tinkering with micro-controllers and only just recently found quite an enjoyable hobby in home automation.  This site will chronicle my home automation adventures, success and failures. It will show and share in glorious detail designs, plans, source code, pipe dreams, and technology reviews. This site aims to be a technology/vendor neutral repository of home automation experiences. So if you are just starting in the mystical realm of home automation or  are a veteran looking for new idea this site should have a little bit for everyone.